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The Bethlehem Journey

The Bethlehem Journey 2016

Welcome to The Bethlehem Journey, an interactive hands-on experience for you to walk through the city of Bethlehem during the time of Christ’s birth. Your family will experience what it was like to travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem encountering Roman Guards, wisemen, shepherds, angels, the markets in Bethlehem, and the Christ child laying in a manger.

Please note that much of the time will be spent outdoors on a mulched trail,  please dress accordingly. Don’t forget to stop for hot chocolate and homemade cookies at the end of your evening.

Admission is completely free. Join us for one of the following dates so your family can participate in The Bethlehem Journey this year!

Friday, December 2    6:30 – 9:00pm

Saturday, December 3    5:30 – 8:30pm

Sunday, December 4    5:30 – 8:30pm

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5151 North Illinois | Fairview Heights, IL 62208
Click Here For Directions 


The Bethlehem Journey is Located at Grace Church in Fairview Heights, IL.
5151 North Illinois | Fairview Heights, Il 62208
Click Here For Directions 

Please note that much of the time will be spent outdoors on a mulched trail, please dress accordingly. Don’t forget to stop for hot chocolate and homemade cookies at the end of your evening.

The Bethlehem Journey
Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Dates and Times?

December 2nd – 6:00 – 9:00pm, December 3 & 4 – 5:30 – 8:30pm

How much does The Bethlehem Journey Cost?

The Bethlehem Journey is FREE!

Can I make a donation?

Again this is our gift to the community. We want you to know that this gift comes with no strings attached and no obligations. However, if you feel like making a donation, during performance nights, a donation box will be located in the refreshment area after you complete the Journey.

What should I wear

We encourage you to dress comfortable and dress warmly. Wear sensible shoes (no high heels), as you will be walking on a mulched trail.

Is there food or drink at The Bethlehem Journey?

After you have visited and exited the trail, you will have free hot chocolate, coffee and homemake cookies available to you in the reception area.

Can I visit more than once?

Absolutely! Please invite friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, etc. to enjoy The Bethlehem Journey with you.

Should I bring the kids?

The whole family from kids to grandparents is invited to explore the Journey. Please keep your children with you at all times because there are many people along the trail including Roman Soldiers on horses.

Do I need reservations?

No. If you have a group larger than 50 and are arriving on a bus, please contact us. This will allow us to have space available for the bus. Groups of 20-25 will take the Journey together. Thus be prepared to break you group up to experience the tour.

Is The Bethlehem Journey handicap accessible?

The trail is covered with a layer of mulch. Thus it will be impossible for a wheelchair or walker to navigate the trail. However, we will have golf carts available to carry you along the trail with your group. When you reach the village of Bethlehem, the Inn, and the Manager, it is necessary to walk to these areas.

Where are the visitor restrooms?

Restrooms are available in the main building where the Journey begins and also in the reception area at the conclusion of the trail.

What kind of security does The Bethlehem Journey Have

The best our church has to offer. Security is provided during all performances throughout the Journey. Guides and others along the trail can have immediate access to security personnel.

What is not allowed at The Bethlehem Journey?

Journey to Bethlehem is a family safe environment. There is no smoking, no weapons of any kind, no alcohol or drugs, no pets (except official seeing eye guide dogs) will be allowed due to the fact we have live animals throughout the Journey trail.